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June 25, 2005


Jerry Shuttle

Regarding: Another question: how can you have practice with feedback if you only have an hour? Answer: you can work with the subject faculty and have them administer the practice and assessment parts of the lesson, based on your instruction. Yes, but what if the instructor says “fine,” but actually provides faulty or no follow-through?

I'm not sure what unversity this person is from, but if what he suggests actually happens there, then I want to work with them. Most teaching faculty are over worked and over scheduled and have no time or interest in doing extra work with a librarian. There have been some good articles on the real world of information seeking versus the hypothetical fantasy world than some librarians like to imagine. Research at Johns Hopkins suggests that users do not want to have librarians as mediators of information and rightly points out that most info literacy sessions scheduled by librarians to enlighten the university community go unattended.

paper shredder

hey jerry thanks for the lovely article , i have added this blog to my watch list .

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