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A newly minted librarian, with an M.S. from University of Tennessee's School of Information Sciences, I headed in this new direction as a result of my book writing. Why? Well, writing books mostly about nature (see my author website: is not exactly lucrative. I needed a "day job."

I love the research aspect of writing about as much as the writing itself, so thought "what duplicates that in a job?" Librarianship. Although still writing, now I'm hooked on just about every aspect of librarianship, including the technology. (And isn't it becoming an XML world?)

Previous to my library path, I've written books on History Hikes of the Smokies, Discovering Natural Israel, Florida State Parks, Contemporary Plains Indians, Smithsonian Guides to Natural America: the Great Lakes, and others.

I've also written articles for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and numerous other newspapers and magazines. My science and environmental bent included writing work with institutions and organizations such as the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Keystone Center.

A touch of broadcast experience: writing/coproducing AARP's national daily radio program.

On the personal side, my family is the center of my life...that and anything that takes me outdoors.


Interests? Les'see...gardening, bird-watching, hiking, skiing, anything outdoors; jazz, bluegrass, learning banjo...oh, please, those websites devoted to banjo-player jokes; the beautiful game (former left back/sweeper); and booksbooksbooks.